Friday, September 25, 2009


So, I got a response back from the Doctor...which I was biting my nails waiting for...sending those types of pictures over the internet is a bit...scary.  Anyway, the total cost he is suggesting is $15,500...that includes pretty much everything except for food.  I agree with all his suggestions...except the fat injection in the butt.  I never thought I had a bad butt...and being fat for so long has depleted it, but I think I am ok with leaving it just the way it is.  I don't need to be J-Lo!  He also suggested large tummy tuck instead of body I asked him what the difference was.  We'll see!  I feel better now...he didn't run away screaming!  :p

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Story

Today is the day I start..I am starting today...ugh. Here is me...

I am a 39 year old married (just this year for the second time) mother of two (18 & 11) who now weighs around 200lbs...and at my highest I weighed in at around 375 (way back in 1997). At this weight, I am the smallest I have been in my adult the shape my body is in. Skin. Have enough of it for Frankenstein to get a make over too.

Over the years I have done many things to lose weight...did Fen-Phen in 1997, lost ~ 25 lbs, did Weight Watchers several times, up and down, and did it again in 2003 and lost ~ 50 pounds, at this point I weighed 297 (under 300 was HUGE!!). Had vertical banded gastroplasty (stomach staple) in 2004 and then lost ~ 85, and gained quite a bit back. Got back up to around 255 or so. Started Weight Watchers again, went down ~ 50 and am hovering around 200 pounds and have been for a while. I am happy here, I feel good here, I feel healthy here. I hate my body here. I hate my arms, my breasts, my thighs, my back, my stomach...everything on the the inside. My husband loves me, my kids love me, I love me. I just want to look like the person I was meant to look like when I turned 40...not a woman who's carried 200 extra pounds all of her adult life. I don't care about a face life, eye lift, any of that...I just want to be able to feel comfortable wearing short sleeved shirts...find a bra that fits...wear shorts in the summer...back to my thighs...just to give you a picture, the skin actually floats when I take a bath...kinda gross, huh?

So, the weight loss journey has been a long one and I will still lose a bit more pounds, but I'm happy, I have found a good place for now it's time to take the next step...plastic surgery.

So, after a long time of watching online forums, a lot of reading, a lot of listening to others, a lot of a lot...I decided on Mexico...Dr. Francisco Sauceda. I emailed him my pictures last night...oh lord, you don't realize how bad it is until you see yourself naked!! I don't know how my husband finds me attractive...ugh.

Here is some information including his web site.