Sunday, March 14, 2010

Emergency Room Visit

So, earlier last week, I noticed some tenderness on the inside of my knee, above the drain hole (I love saying drain hole, not sure why).  I had had some tenderness sometimes before the drain was removed, I thought it was just from moving around a lot at night now and bending my knee more.  Anyway, yesterday morning, I noticed some red patches around the off to the ER I went.  I definitely didn't want to have an infection and let it get worse!  I do love the hospital here, they are all so friendly and nice, but 6 hours later....ugh.

Basically I do have a small infection (the doctor said skin infection, so not even inside) and they did an ultrasound on my knee and CBC (complete blood count).  The blood work was perfectly normal but there is a small amount of fluid build up in the track of where my drain was...but not even enough to stick a needle in and take out.  I have to follow-up with the surgeon who was on call there on Monday, just to make sure that it's just normal swelling and more fluid isn't building up, but other than that it's ok.  They gave me an IV antibiotic and two more to take for the next 10 days.  I have never taken two antibiotics at the same time...and I took a nap for 4 hours today!  I haven't felt nauseas yet, or had to visit the bathroom a lot, which antibiotics sometimes do to people, but I have lost my appetite (which isn't a bad thing right now) and had a headache that wouldn't quit.  One of the antibiotics said headache was a side effect...first time I had ever seen that also.  I guess I just don't take antibiotics a lot!

What this means is I don't start my job in Charlottesville tomorrow, which is a bummer, I hate having to do that, but I do need to follow-up with the surgeon before I head down.  The surgeon told me to tell his office when I called that I need to be seen right away, so they don't put me off, which is good.  In a perfect world I will see the surgeon tomorrow and all will be fine, and be on my way to Charlottesville tomorrow evening to start on Tuesday!

I will update later this week. :D

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