Sunday, March 21, 2010

I finally broke down...

So, the past week has been emotional or actually just tonight. try to make an extremely long story shorter...

I started my new job on Tuesday instead of Monday because of the follow-up appointment with the surgeon.  The work week went great, meeting a bunch of people that you may not remember their names next week, but it was great and I am so looking forward to this job.  I have a feeling I will be extremely busy, which is fantastic!  I want the day to fly by so fast that I don't realize what time it is!  I even had dinner with my boss' wife and kids on Thursday (he had to go out of town or he would of been with us) and it was great, I really love his wife.  Of course I spent most of the time talking about me, which I hate about myself, but I was telling about the surgery and stuff.  Not that I had to, she reads this blog, ugh...I feel like such a blow hard sometimes.  Ha ha, I heard that word on CSI last week and it has been in my head, just had to use it. :)

Anyway, so....Friday I noticed some red bumps on my thighs...but I had worn a new pair of pants on Thursday without washing them, so I thought it was just that and I didn't even think twice about it (because I didn't see it anywhere else)...and it didn't itch, so it wasn't bothering me.  That same night I noticed the hard knot on the inside of my knee had changed...the center of the knot was very soft and the skin looked thin, almost like a blood blister or something.  It didn't raise up or anything, but it just looked like it was full of fluid.  So, I made note of it in my brain and moved on.

Saturday morning, after I dragged my butt out of bed and made breakfast for the family...what did Charlotte do but crawl back into bed of course...after she ate, ha ha!  So, I went in there and climbed into bed with her and was just chatting for a few minutes....and then I felt my knee was wet.  I pulled up the leg of my jammies and noticed that the knot had popped!  GROSS!  So I went and cleaned it out, it was blood and yellow puss coming out, I know, it's sick, I almost couldn't do it, but I felt like I got it all out and put the prescription antibiotic cream on it that I have, and bandaged it up.  It is still hard around the center.  So I don't know what is going on, I am going to call my doctor tomorrow.

Now, back to the red bumps on my thighs...I noticed they were getting a little more...and I drove back to the hotel in Charlottesville tonight (Sunday) for work tomorrow...and I get up and go to the bathroom and I notice the bumps on my thigh are more red....and then I see a few on my arms....and then I look in the mirror and I see it on my neck!!  I took a picture and sent it to my mom and then called her and started crying.  I can't take it any more, I am so tired of being sick!  Ugh,  I always cry when I talk to my mom and I'm sad...because you always know your mommy will make it better. :)  She told me to stop taking the antibiotics and take some Benadryl.   I also sent the picture to my sister (who is a nurse and was at work) and she asked the doctor at work (and told her the antibiotics I am on) and the doctor said to take Benadryl and keep taking the antibiotics and call my doctor tomorrow.  So, I listened to the doctor...and of course they were wrong.  I should of stopped taking the antibiotics like my mom said...Mom's are ALWAYS right!  :p

So, I drove up to the grocery store, talked to my son and husband on the way back (cried on the phone with my husband) and took the Benadryl and am about to hop into bed.  I am a worry wart...I don't know if people notice but my thinking is a little twisted...

Just a TINY glimpse of where my brain is running:      So if this rash is an allergic reaction...another allergic reaction is for your throat to swell up (is my throat swelling up, omg, is it??)...and if I take my sleeping pill tonight...will I wake up if my throat swells??  Will I die alone in this hotel??  OMG how horrible, if I die I want to at least be around my family (wth!?!?).  OMG, I am moving to a new place, we are supposed to go to settlement and what if I die??  Would Tim still move?  Would they let him out of the contract on the house?....and so on and so's twisted, seriously.

Anyway, I am going to bed...hope this isn't my last post (ok ok, I am joking, really, I hope)...I am going to call my doc tomorrow and see where we go from here....wish me luck.

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