Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Today is THE Day!

Ok, no, it's not 6 weeks yet, that is going to happen in a couple of days, so stay tuned for the new pictures...but today my last drain is coming out, yes, yes it's coming out!!  It is not draining less than 30cc's, it's not even draining less than 100cc's a day, but Dr. S says take it out.  He said the drain may actually be causing the issue...so pull it out.  I spoke with him on the phone to confirm what his email says...sometimes it's a little hard to understand his English in an email...but he said to do it!  So, his theory is, take it out, let the drain hole close up, which will force my body to start absorbing the fluid.  I think that makes sense, but I hate to see how the drain hole is going to be leaking for the next few days!  Anyway, the reason I think it makes sense is because I swell...every day I swell.  I come home from work and take my socks off and I can see where my calves are swollen...this is even before surgery...so I think a bit of swelling for me is normal.  If this doesn't force the body to start reabsorbing the fluid, then he says go to my PCP and if my PCP can't fix it...be prepared to fly back to Mexico!  I am really praying and hoping that this works out.  I start my new job on Monday....keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Corrie is coming by after work...I will post more later or tomorrow to let you know how it went.  I really feel this one may hurt a bit because it's been in so long!!

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