Monday, March 22, 2010

I forgot to tell you...

That along with everything else happening yesterday when I broke down, I forgot to tell you I had a yeast infection too!  Now really?  Could nothing more happen to me?  Lord!

So I went to a doctor here in town today...great doctor, I really liked him....Anyway, this rash is a reaction from one of the three antibiotics I am on...nothing will help other than to stop taking the medicine.  Benadryl won't even help, ugh.  It will take a day or two to go down...I have to go to work tomorrow like this, ugh!  Here is this morning my neck/chest area...

All of this nonsense is driving me crazy!  I am not a sickly person, I don't run to the doctor at the sign of some little thing, but I am at my second week of work and missed another day, now I have to go into work like this!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, someone help me!!


  1. Cassandra, So I just got done reading all that you have been through these last few months and I have to say I am absolutley amazed with your strength to go through this. Your such a strong Woman and made it a long long way. I am so proud of you to have made it through all this. Keep up all the amazing work! I now have someone to look up too. Thank you! Love ya!
    -Amanda A.

  2. It has been a few months since you updated. I hope that you are doing well and find the time to update soon.

    God Speed with your recovery and healing

  3. Cassandra,

    Please update your story so we'll know how you are doing. I am thinking of Dr. S, but always get infections after surgery, so found your story compelling.

    Thank you,

    Sara C.

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