Friday, February 26, 2010

Hematoma & Stitch Free

So, I went to my primary care doctor get an overall check-up ,ask him about this 'pooch' on my belly, check my blood pressure, etc.  I did talk to him before I went and asked if he would support me when I got back if needed, and he even did the pre-op blood work, etc.  He said he completely understood what I was doing, said I was very justified, and said he'd help me out when I got back, except if there was a wound or something, then he'd have to send me to a wound center.

Now, I guess this is partially my fault, but I asked him to take out the breast stitches and he didn't seem to keen on that.  He said "wow, that's a lot, guess I have my lunch hour."  I thought it was kind of rude and now I don't feel comfortable around him.  He did check the pooch and said it was a hematoma (pool of blood basically) and that it would be absorbed back into the body.  A bruise is a hematoma also...FYI.  He checked the drain, said there were no infections and even gave me a prescription antibiotic ointment to keep over the drain site to ensure no infection sets in.  Said just to keep the drain in until it got down to the point to take it out.  He said 20-25 and then take off suction for a day before taking it out...Dr. S said 30....I guess we will see what it gets down to.  I did get it to stop leaking though so it's much easier to handle.  I got it to stop leaking by 'stripping' the drain tube.  Basically putting lotion on my fingers and pinching the tube all the way down to make sure there were no blockages.  It has hardly leaked since I did that!  Yay!

He took out the stitches in the breast, which he said that 4 weeks was a bit long to have them in.  He did have a hard time on the left breast a bit, had to dig into the scab to get the stitch, yanno, gross.  It didn't take him more than 10 minutes per breast, I think the first one was only about 5, but who knows.  I guess he just wasn't expecting it.  I even told him that I thought he would have a nurse do it and his response was "They aren't really built for that."  I thought that was the oddest thing to say.  Anyway, I guess I'm kind of glad I am moving and have to find a new doctor...kind of don't want to see him again!

So, I still have one drain, but am completely stitch free!  Yay!  I still have a few areas that 'seep' a bit...but nothing major.  Every time I take my garment off when I shower, scabs fall off...ha ha, it's kind of gross!  And on top of that my skin is so dry from this garment, all you see is white stuff, almost looks like powder, coming off of me.  I still swell, now I mainly feel it in the evenings instead of all day!  I think I am going to be fine going back to work on Monday.  I only have two weeks left there anyway, so I need to go all I can!

Tomorrow we are going to look at our final house selections again down in and dad and Tim and I are going...wish us luck on actually picking a house!

Another 13 days it I will be at the 6 week mark and I will post more pictures!!

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