Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3 1/2 Weeks Out

Ahhhh, 3.5 weeks out and can't wait to be 6 weeks out!!  I am doing good, still getting a bit tired, and some of the areas started bleeding a tiny bit on Sunday (the belly button and the back of the lower body lift, right smack center above my rear end).  Gregory, Tim and I drove down to Charlottesville, VA this past weekend to go look at houses for our relocation.  We looked at probably 10-12 on Saturday and then 4 or 5 or so on Sunday...I felt the scabs open up on the back on Sunday morning.  Must of been all the getting in and out of the car.  Corrie said that was an area where there was a big scab when she was removing the stitches, so that's probably all I did is rub a scab off or something.

Anyway, still swelling of course, and not as bad, but the garment is still my frienemy...I love it because it helps me fell like my skin isn't going to bust open from the swelling, but I hate wearing it because it's hot, restrictive and just plain annoying.  Imagine wearing a girdle for 6 weeks...ugh.  The scabs on my arms are almost gone, as well as a lot of other places.  Still have the stitches in the boob and he said give those another week, which will be this Thursday.  Corrie can't come over Thursday night, so going to send him pictures tomorrow and see if we can take them out tomorrow night.  Otherwise I will make an appointment with my doctor and have him take them out.  I think I should make an appointment with him anyway just as a follow-up.

I also still get tired...just worn out like I have been running all day.  I don't take naps often, and when I do it's a short one (30 minutes to an hour max), but I do lay down and sit in the chair at the computer, trying not to do too much.  Especially now that I am trying to get these scabs to close over again and heal.

I sent Dr. S the pictures of my belly 'pooch' yesterday because it's still concerning me.  He told me if it was squishy it was a seroma and I needed to get it aspirated from my doctor, if it wasn't then it's just swelling.  It's not squishy, it's actually hard so I am hoping it's just swelling.  He did do muscle repair right there so maybe it was just an extensive repair. :D

See, that's the belly pooch...it's a little zoomed in but it almost looks like I am pregnant, right?  Anyway, hopefully it's just swelling!!

Ok, so, moving to Charlottesville...I am so excited.  Tim's of course a little apprehensive, which he always is about change, but I am trying to keep him going.  He's a good guy and I have no doubt he will find a job, it will just take a bit.  He keeps saying he's not going to find a job, etc.  He worries so much and is afraid of the unknown.  If he had a job already he'd be ok, no problemo and until he does I will just have to keep reassuring him.  By the way, Tim is way smarter than I am.  Masters degree in IT, certifications, just a super smart guy.  I bought him a sweatshirt one time that says "Dangerously Overeducated," ha ha!  I have better people skills and do better at operations type jobs, but he's one smart guy.  I have no doubt he will find something!  Of course he's not pounding the pavement either...he thinks if he puts in a few applications, that's all that should happen.  He doesn't call to follow-up, he doesn't send emails to large businesses asking if they have availability (even if it's not on their web site), etc.  Anyway, he will find something his way, it will just take more time. :)

Ok, so Charlottesville...I think I am going to love it, and I think Gregory will too!  Tim will be fine as long as he has fast access Internet (he asked that question about every house we looked at).We looked at a lot of houses and decided we liked the ones that were in actually neighborhoods more (and not just a random house built on some property) because of Gregory and the whole community feel.  So we're going back this Saturday and taking my Dad for a final look at our top picks.  We have one we want Dad to look at only because it's so cheap.  It's not one of our favorites but it's over 100K less than the others and we feel we have to give it some consideration.  There are two other neighborhoods we are going to look at, there are two houses in one neighborhood (almost the exact same except one has no basement and it looks like it has been maintained better...but it's so much smaller without the basement) and then there are three houses in one neighborhood (one we didn't look at last week, but driving by it had a small yard....one had a steep short driveway with a large side yard....one had a nice back yard with flat driveway but the house was a bit overdone for me....and by overdone I mean angels painted on the tile when you walk in just a very 'forma' style, etc.).  So, we're going to look at those 6 houses this weekend and hopefully we will have a decision and go for it!  I start down there March 15th but won't bring Gregory down until we're in a house, and Tim will be coming down when he finds a job.  Charlotte will also be coming down and that depends on her transfer at work.  She's already put in the paperwork for it but her manager is out this week...they say it takes about 30 days or so.  Yes...I said Charlotte was coming down...pray for me please. :D

I am also looking forward to my job down there.  I am so excited to be going to a job that's so busy again, I miss that terribly!  I also love what the job is and I have already met my boss and his family and they are fantastic!  Just around my age and just as outgoing as I am.  I am soooo excited!!  I want to go tomorrow, but it's ok.  I will be down there when I am done wearing the garment and should be good to go!  I may still swell a bit but by that time I can start lifting things again, exercising more (heh, like I did much before) and the normal stuff.  I am ready!!  Woooohoooo!!  Wish us luck!!

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  1. Hey girl! My guess is you are just having swelling on your tummy. I have swelling that starts just above the incisio line, it too is firm, but I am sure it is swelling. What is the new job? Inquiring mind here wanting to know more!!!