Monday, February 1, 2010

Night time of day 3 after surgery

So I am finally at the hotel, I like it so much better but I am sure these walls may close in on me too if I stay in them too much. I rested for a bit when I got here, talked to the hubby, son, sister, dad, etc. Tried to rest but never got there. Mom did laundry and also did Mary's laundry, which was nice! Every time mom was out of the room or had her head turned Mary would say "you have a great mom" and I do! I know it! When mom came in the room first after surgery I actually teared up. Nothing like your mommy taking care of you!

Oh, I got the numbers from the doctor today! He put 350cc implants in both breasts, took 4 liters of fat out of me with liposuction (mainly in the thighs) and put 650cc's of fat back in EACH but cheek. He said it was actually more because the tissue from the lower body lift he put in there too! The butt is big right now, and hurts like all get out, but I think once the swelling is down it will be just right. I tell you, my butt must of gotten really flat after he removed that skin to put that much in it, wow! The boobs look like a D right now, but they should go down to a full C too...hopefully! Everything is swollen right now, the hands, the feet, and everything in between. Day by day that will get better.

So, mom and Mary and I had dinner at a cafe right behind the hotel, it's really good. The three of us shared one meal and didn't even finish it, and then had flan for dessert. :) Mom goes back to the dentist tomorrow and Mary and I will walk over to HEB to buy her some flip flops or slippers or anything for her poor feet. She only brought tennis shoes and her feet are so swollen and from walking in those shoes, her feet are actually bruised! It's awful!

I took the pain pills and antibiotics, but I don't think the pain pills have kicked in! My butt is hurting like woah! I am going to go do my protein shakes, take my nightly vitamins and then take an Ambien and go night night. The nurse, Patty, will come in the morning to help me shower and change my bandages and just a general check of things. I will write more later!

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