Friday, February 5, 2010

Just Stuff

Ok, more ramblings from me, but first...I got two mons drains out!  Woohoo!  OMG!  First of all, one was very sore at the entry point and when he cut the stitch holding it in I yelled "OWWWW" and he just looked at my mother and blinked.  I thought he took the thing out and all he did was cut the stitch!  That one was just so very sensitive there.  Anyway...ok, if you've never had a drain pulled out like I've never had a drain pulled out, it is the oddest feeling in the world.  The two drains that he pulled out came out of the mons area (the front of the girlie area) and one snaked around the left side of my body and the other snaked around the right side of my body.  And when I say snaked around, I mean snaked around.  I felt them all the way in my BUTT as they were coming out.  It was like my skin was crawling!  The tubes were at least 2 feet long!  So, they are mostly clear tubes but the last 6 inches or so was more flat, more wide, white, and had holes all in it.  Reminds me of those hoses they use to water the lawn that have holes all down it so water comes out of every part?  You know what I am talking about, right?  Anyway, not like you're going to answer...I don't even know who I am talking to!  Ha ha!  Ok, off-track there...anyway....  The first was more painful because of the site being so sore...the second didn't really hurt until the white part was coming's wider than the tube and did hurt...I just can't imagine doing that myself.  Corrie wants me to come home with a drain and I told her she would be the one taking it out, but after that pain I don't know.  He told me this morning that I will almost definitely be taking the left thigh drain home, because it's still draining over 100cc's a day, although it has been coming down.  I just can't imagine doing that myself!  Corrie is into all that gore, so she would probably pull it an inch and laugh while I screamed and keep doing that.  She's mean like that!  :p

Ok, enough of drains...I have decided to post just a couple before shots...I wanted to wait until I had some 'before and after' shots together, but why not show you guys what I was working with!
Ok, this is my right inner thigh.  See those lines that go from my thumb to thumb?  That is the skin he REMOVED.  Can you believe it?  He removed everything inside those lines!!  Unbelievable!  I asked him this morning how much skin he removed and he said about 10 pounds!!!!  And skin doesn't even weigh that much!   Lordy lordy.

This is my left arm, and again, everything inside the lines he removed.  How do you like that leopard print bra I had on?  Ha ha!  I wanted to try to be sexy one last time I comment. :D

TEN POUNDS of skin, can you believe it?  And 4 liter's of FAT?  AMAZING!  I don't know the weight of the boobs he put in, or the fat in the butt, but I would hope it wasn't that much, ha ha!

Alright, that's enough ramblings for now...going to go eat a snack and put on jammies.  Mom and I went to the Italian place for lunch today with Lisa, another patient who had surgery.  She makes me sick, I tell ya.  She had no lipo done and so even with all the stitches is up and around almost like she hasn't had surgery!  Ugh!  :D

Oh, one last thing.  Lisa Blevins-Dreszer (a different Lisa, family friend) wrote mom an email and told her we should have an 'unveiling party' when I get back and am healed.  How funny is that, I love the concept.  My 40th birthday is this summer, maybe that is what it will be!  We will see!

Ramble more later!

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  1. I think you look great! I love your thighs! AND your tiny waist and flat tummy! I know the pouchy thing will reabsorb soon! Thanks for being so inspirational! Love, dee from OH