Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Days 5 & 6 Post-Op

So, it's the evening of day 6 post-op, and I think I am more swollen today than I have been at all!  Of all the people I have followed through this process with this same doctor, they say that they 'peak' at day 4, and then it's better and better every day after that...I think I had a double day 'peak' and I am hoping it's over tonight!

I know that I didn't keep my feet up as much as I should have yesterday, but I didn't realize this chair that they have in the hotel has a footrest that raises up, ha ha.  This chair is like made for Corrie (sorry Corrie!).  It's just not what you expect in a lounge chair.  I want my leather Lazy Boy!

Anyway, yesterday, day 5.  I was out of bed at 5am on the computer and trying not to wake mom up, but she sleeps so light that there's no way not to wake her up!  I felt so bad but I get out of bed and walk around like a zombie moaning and everything.  I unplugged one of the laptops to plug the other in and it came out too fast and hit the chair, and I did kind of whisper loudly "owww" because it was my arm where my stitches are that hit the arm of the chair.  I am sure she heard that.  Anyway, she was being picked up at 9 by the dentist and I knew that Patty, the nurse, was going to be here around 8:45 or so I tried to do something nice before she had to get out of bed and got myself dressed (since she's doing so much for me) and walked down to the lobby and got a whole tray full of food!  But holy cow did it wear me out!  I don't see how I did it!  I sat down and scarfed food like I was starving, but only got 1/4 of a waffle down.  I haven't had much of an appetite.

So after mom showered I started taking off my compression garments to get ready for my shower.  You have to do that laying or sitting down because all the blood goes rushing to those parts and you may get dizzy.  I haven't gotten dizzy once but why take the chance!  So anyway, took off the garments and was taking off the bandages and Patty came.  She helped me with the rest.  It's still such an odd feeling taking the bandage tape off of numb areas, so odd.  But of course, I  am numb but when she gets to the sides it tickles and I jump and then I say "ouch"!  Go figure, only me would be numb but still ticklish!  I took my shower and I usually get half way through washing myself and get exhausted.  I get out of the shower and Patty helps me dry off (she's such a wonderful nurse) and then I actually lay down on the bed while she puts on the antibiotic ointment and bandages.  I roll back and forth on the sides so she can do the sides and back.  She also puts on my compression garments while I am laying down...she's good!

So, got dressed and sat in the chair some more and hung out.  Mom was gone to the dentist so I was alone.  I  went and hung out with Mary and then she came here and hung out while we waited for Mom.  I decided if mom wasn't back by 12:30 we would head to lunch and bring her back something, so that's what we did.  We went to this Italian restaurant (yeah, I ate Italian while in Mexico, what of it??) and oh lord it was good.  I could only thing of Dad and how he would enjoy the restaurant.  They brought fresh rosemary bread to the table and had olive oil with herbs and balsamic vinegar on the table, although they didn't speak English.  I would venture a guess saying they didn't speak Italian either, ha ha!  Anyway, we headed back and my luck they were cleaning my room because of course I was exhausted by then.  I hung out with Mary a bit more and then Mom came back.  Mom and I both took a nap after she ate some of the food I brought back and decided we need to not take naps in the afternoon because we never want to get up!  Dr. S came by and checked on me and brought his partner.  I forget his name, but I honestly don't think he spoke English.  He stood in the room very awkwardly (is that how you spell that??) while Dr. S sits on the end of the bed very comfortably and chats with me.  I told him I was a bit tired and he said it's like a double edged have to walk around to prevent blood clots, but the more you walk around the more swollen you would get.  Nice.  Didn't do much the rest of the day, took my Ambien and thought I would be going to sleep...but I woke up an hour later.  WHAT?  Where is my Ambien?  That has never happened to me!  I got up, went to the bathroom and drank some more water thinking maybe it was stuck in my throat...although I didn't feel anything.  Good thing I went back to sleep and didn't wake up til about 4:30...but thank the Lord I rolled over and went back to sleep again until 7:30...woohoooo!!!

Ok, so now it's day 6.  I still feel bad, very swollen and very tired and decided I was taking it easier today.  My head also has felt weird all day.  I don't know how to explain it other than it's almost as if my brain feels swollen too!  It's like the beginning of a headache...but it never really hits me.  So anyway, I got out of bed while trying to take the garments off...of course to try to get in the shower before Patty gets here.  I actually took off all my own bandages today!  It's still the oddest thing, but I sucked it up and did it!  I even didn't tickle myself, ha ha!  I was out of the shower and laying on the bed naked when she got here.  **Funny thing:  When Patty walked in she kind of rubbed her throat and said "I have.." and then she coughed a bit while she put a cough drop in her mouth.  I said "oh no!" and she responded "oh jes!"  Ha ha, I thought that was the funniest thing.**  You have no humility here.  I was just so exhausted and it felt so good to lay down that I didn't care that I was laying there half spread eagle (I have stitches on the inside of the thighs).  Hey, she puts gauze and tape on the girlie bits so it's not as if she doesn't see it already!  After I got all bandaged up, compression garments on and dressed (mom showered and was ready before I was ready), we grabbed Mary and walked down to breakfast.  Again, didn't eat much, maybe 1/4 of a waffle but I did drink a glass of OJ too, but was still exhausted when I was done.  We were supposed to go see another patient in the clinic who had surgery yesterday, but I just couldn't do it.  I didn't do and Mary walked to the little shopping center right here with the HEB.  Apparently there is a second floor with a food court.  Mom got me a salad with TONS of cucumbers!  YAY!  Love cucumbers!  I ate more of that than I did the waffle, mmm mmm good. It had beets too!  YUM!  While they left the cleaning lady was in here doing her work.  I was sitting in the chair with my eyes closed nodding off, and she got a phone call half way through and proceeded to talk on the phone the rest of the time she was cleaning.  Ugh.  She did turn all the lights off when she left because I was dozing, but still didn't stop talking.  Whatever!  Ha ha!

I did not do much the rest of the day.  Gregory was at home again this week for a snow day!  I guess back home is expecting another blizzard like storm this weekend!  Like 1-2 feet they say between Friday and Saturday.  Ugh.  Good thing I come home on Monday so it should be all cleared by then.  Anyway, sidetrack there.  So, Dr. S came by in the evening and I had emailed him and asked him to bring a blood pressure cuff and check my bp.  I haven't taken my medication since before surgery because it's either been a little low or normal.  I wanted to make sure this odd feeling I had wans't due to that.  We talked about how much my drains are draining...they have actually slowed down draining quite a bit today and are starting to turn more clear (instead of read with BLOOD, ha ha).  I just had to do that, sorry, ha ha!  He told me that the feeling I was having might have something to do with not eating much.  My body is burning a lot of calories right now and needs more to burn.  He actually told me to eat some CHOCOLATE!  Can you believe it, see, when I eat it I am going to say "my doctor told me to!"  HA HA, I have an excuse and you don't!  <sticks tongue out at you>  Woot woot!

So....what happened next?  Mom went to HEB and got some ice cream and chocolate!  I still really don't have an appetite and feel like I have to force myself to eat, but man the ice cream was good!  It was mocha chocolate!  It's funny, the front of the container with the brand and the type of ice cream is in English, but the ingredients are in Spanish. Weird peeps!  I ate maybe a fifth of the pint, but it is in the freezer and I am going to eat a little every day.  Poor me! :)  We walked down to the happy hour they have here and I had about 3/4 of a ham sandwich and some chips and mom just had some apple juice.  She's not eating as much as she should be either but she ate some ice cream too. :)

So now I'm just sitting here, updating my blog and playing on Facebook.  How do I feel?  I feel ok, just tired and my butt didn't hurt most of the day but it is starting to hurt now.  I am about to take another pain pill.  Did I have any dreams last night?  I think I did, but obviously not as funny as the goat one. :D

I also wanted to throw in there thanks to everyone who has been keeping up with the blog and sends me such great feedback.  It's amazing that anyone reads my ramblings!  Well, this one is kinda long so I don't know if anyone will make it to the end here to read this...but if you do...THANK YOU!  You guys know how I love to be center of attention and this feels good, ha ha!  I crack myself up...

EDIT:  I forgot to put in here today that apparently I have a bit of Montazuma's revenge.  Is that how you spell that...I can probably spell that better than diarhea?  Is that it?  Ha ha, no clue!  But tummy has been rumbling for two days now and it finally finished! LOL!  Ha, I still crack myself up...

EDIT NUMBER TWO: HA HA!  Mom just came out of the bathroom and she has the same thing.  I guess it's just all in a visit to Mexico!

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