Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Home Sweet Home and other Ramblings

Ok, so from the title I am sure you can gather I am home now.  Got home last night, still with 3 drains and all the stitches!  Ugh!  Mom was sick the last few days we were there and the entire travel day home, she says it's from some medicine she was on.  She weighed herself and lost 20 lbs while we were there!  That's not just a little sick if you ask me!  I wanted Dad to take her to the hospital but he says that she's much better tonight.  She better be! <shakes finger>  By the way she got her teeth done, they look great.  She ended up having to have oral surgery because...I will try to make this short....she had a root canal in the US, and you know the post they put up in there?  It was too far in there and it had infected her gums.  The dentist had to cut her open, shave off the top of the post as well as remove all the infected tissue, and sew her back up.  She had stitches too.  What a pair we made. :)

Nothing exciting going on except my healing.  Every day I get stronger and stronger and I think every day my swelling goes down, but I don't know for sure because this garment is so tight!  Today Charlotte helped me bandage my stitches and put my compression garments on after my shower...she did very well.  The drains grossed her out, as did that many stitches, but she was a trooper.  By the time she was done she said "I don't like this game anymore."  Ha ha!

Last night when I got home Charlotte, Gregory and Tim had me laughing so hard it was hurting my stomach!  I kept telling them to stop.  They've all been stuck in the house almost the entire time I have been gone with snow!  I am shocked they didn't kill each other, ha ha!

I will say that Gregory said to me when I walked in (and I was in a sweat suit)..."Mom, you look so skinny!!"  Well, isn't that a compliment!  Don't think I have heard that much in my life before, ha ha!  I still have this 'pooch' that runs up the middle of my stomach and I am hoping it's just some swelling as I didn't have that before.  Not like that at least, going straight up the middle!

I am hoping one more drain can come out tomorrow, the stitch that holds it in already came loose and I actually had to push it back up in there in the airport yesterday about an inch.  Right now I have it taped as to not let it fall out.  It drained 45 cc's yesterday and they have to be below 30 to take them out.  Corrie wants to be the one to take them out, but we are expecting 4-12 inches of snow tonight, not sure she can make it in time.  I guess she will have to take the next one out, ha ha!

Hmmm, I think that's all the ramblings for now.  Oh, Charlotte has expressed interest in moving to Charlottesville with us...I want her with me, but lord if I kick her out down there she's got nowhere to go, lol.  I better think this one through thoroughly!

Thanks again for everyone's prayers, well wishes and compliments on the blog!  I hope I don't disappoint!

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  1. I am so glad you made it through Cassandra. I hope you continue being optimistic and humorous. You make my day with your postings and wonderful ramblings in you blog!!! Maria Helectra