Saturday, February 6, 2010

Two More Drains....Ah Ah Ah

So, I got two more drains out today, the right thigh and the left arm.  The thigh, felt no pain.  I felt it snaking through me coming out, but no pain whatsoever.  I was freaking myself out thinking of the pain!  Then he did the left arm AND HOLY HELL!  It burned like I was in all 7 layers of Hell at once!  I can handle continuous dull aching pain but sharp intense pain is not my cup of tea!  I am glad he did the thigh first because it made me think the arm wasn't going to hurt, ha ha, and made me calm down!  I know, I know, I go through all this and I can't handle the 20 seconds of burning pain?  Yeah, no, I can't!  I have three more drains in, and if they don't stop draining right now, I am going to go home with all three. <cry>  I just want the last mons drain out, I  can deal with the right arm and left thigh, I just want the last one coming out of my crotch out!  It's hard to wear pants with this thing!

So, anyway, Doc was here today to do that and he was very happy with the work.  He was saying things like "very nice shape on the thighs" and "very nice waist" and I have to admit, he's right.  He asked how I liked my stomach and I did say it was still 'poochy' but that was probably still the swelling.  EVERYTHING is will never ever be perfect, I jumped off of that train a long time ago, but it is significantly better than what it was!  And do I mean significant!  I don't want to post too many pictures because the swelling is still so intense, that although it shows a huge difference, it isn't final.  I will take some pictures next week when I am home.  Right now it's kind of hard because I don't want to make Patty wait for me to take pictures before she helps me into my garment.

Everything else is still about the same.  I walked over to the HEB mall today and thought I wasn't going to make it back because I got so tired!  Mom is feeling AWFUL because of a combination of not sleeping, oral surgery yesterday (she has 5 stitches in her mouth) and stomach issues from the antibiotics she is on.  She took a shower this morning but other than that she hasn't gotten out of bed.  I brought her back some breakfast from the lobby today and she hasn't eaten much else.  I really hope she feels better, I feel so bad for her. :(

Well, the Doc comes by tomorrow at 6:00pm to pick me up for evaluation of my stitches.  I hope he can take some out, but doesn't really matter, if they need to stay in for better healing, than so be it!

I will try to post more before I leave, but only 2 nights left.  I actually hope we can get out of here with all that snow back home!!

Ramble more later...

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