Friday, February 12, 2010

One More Drain...Ah Ah Ah

Had to stick with the theme up there in the title, right?  :)  Well, that one more drain isn't out yet, but Corrie is coming over to remove it this afternoon.  I will still have two more left, with one of them possibly ready on Sunday or Monday.  The other one is still draining over 100cc's and has to be below 30 to remove.  Might be another dang week before that one comes out.

By the way, Corrie is excited to come take this out, she told me to make sure it was nice and full too, ha ha.  She's so freaky but she makes me laugh like nobody's business!  Charlotte said she would pull it out if she had to (but the look on her face said "PLEASE NO!").  Also, Charlotte has done extremely well in helping me bandage and put cream on the stitches, etc.  She gets a little grossed out when a drain is in the way, but she has pulled through for me, I am extremely proud of her!  She even rubbed lotion on my body this morning, I am so dry I am peeling!  I think it's from the garment.  Anyway, she said "do you want me to rub lotion on your butt?  I don't *want* to, but I will if you need me to!"  I am surrounded by people who make me laugh, which is good but at this point in healing it makes my stomach hurt!!  :)

I am doing well, getting tired still.  Tried to shower and bandage and everything alone this morning but when I was drying off I got exhausted and had to go lay down before I was done.  If I can't do it alone by Monday, I won't be going to work on Tuesday.  I am scheduled to go back on Tuesday, but we will see what happens.  Since government got off most of this week I didn't have to take me more time. :)  My swelling in my hands and feet have gone down.  I was able to put my wedding rings on last night before bed...I wouldn't be able to take them off right now if I had to, but they aren't really tight or anything.  I can't believe I was more swollen when I woke up then when I went to bed, how odd.  My forearms and calves are still swollen.  My calves are so swollen the bottom of the compression garment (they are capri length) is bruising me!  They look more swollen then just after surgery!  I ordered some compression socks to wear too, that should help with the swelling down there a lot.

I spoke to someone on the Obesity Help boards and she said her peak swelling was 2-3 weeks I am not alone.  Yesterday was two weeks give it a few more days and maybe it will go down more!  I only have to wear the garment for 6 weeks (only, right?!?!) but some people wear them for longer because they swell too much during the day.  They will not wear it at night, but still wear it during the day at work and things.  Some people buy what's called Stage 2 compression garments, which get a little smaller (since you're swelling goes down) and maybe not so tight?  I am thinking about it, but they are expensive and I don't know if I will need them.

Anyway, I am going to go lay down now.  Getting up, showering, checking Facebook and eating breakfast is about all I can do at once, ha ha.  I didn't nap during the day yesterday for the first time but I did sleep pretty well last night.  Tim finally went to work today, but now we have a three day weekend!  It took him a couple of hours to get there because the public transportation still isn't running correctly because of the snow that's piled up everywhere.  At least he got out of here one day this week and then can take the next three days to recup, ha ha!

By the way Mom is MUCH better, thank God!  I was so worried about her I had contingency plans in my head when we flew home.  I was hoping we'd at least get to Dallas, and if things weren't better I was going to get her to the hospital there.  She sounds so much better now, and she says the only thing sore on her today is the roof of her mouth from the surgery still.  I was so extremely worried, I almost didn't know what to do!  Ugh, anyway, thank goodness things are better.

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