Thursday, February 4, 2010

Two Drains...Ah Ah Ah

Ok, so I was trying to be like the Count from Sesame Street, but I am so excited!  Dr. S came by and he is taking TWO drains out tomorrow!  Woohooo!  And they are two from the girlie area...those suckers are getting tender at the spot where the enter!

Ok, that's all, wanted to just say how excited I was!


  1. Wow..Lucky..i had one sucker down there for 3 1/2 weeks! I was like a new woman when those mons drains came out!!

  2. Hi, Cassandra. I have just discovered how I can reply to your "ramblings"! I am following your progress day by day, and I must say you are a fantastic writer. Maybe when this is all over, you can publish your blog. Even though you and my son didn't make a go of it, I still love you as a daughter. I know your family will be glad when you get home.

  3. Don't jinx me Terri, I still have one there!!

    Thanks Carolyn, I do love you too and am sad that you aren't closer so we could all spend more time together