Thursday, February 18, 2010

Are you ready?!?!

Ok, so you've probably scrolled down and looked at the pictures already, but if you haven't...DON'T!  Ha ha, just kidding.  Seriously though, if you don't want to see me in almost all of my glory, don't look!  I am posting a before picture and a three-week after picture.  Now, remember, I still have one drain, all my stitches and I am swill swollen as all get out!  This is my before picture, it makes me cringe!

And ta-da!  This is after.

Now, remember, I still have tons of swelling, so I am not sure of what finals will look like...but it's a big improvement!  I have this line straight down the center of my belly that looks 'poochy' but I am thinking maybe the only way to get rid of that is with the anchor cut...which I couldn't do because I had lipo on the back.  Speaking of back...


I have some very 'poochy' areas at the upper rear thighs also, so not sure if those are going to go away or if thats the way it is.  Still a huge improvement!  Ok ok, and yes, I put a line over my butt you can't figure out what it is, right?  Hey, at least it makes me feel better!

How do you like the new belly button BTW?  Couldn't even see the old one, ha ha!


  1. Thank you very much for sharing your befores and afters Casandra. I am impressed by the extent of work that has been done. All the areas of your body that dr.S has worked with have been hugely improved. Especially the Inner and outer thighs and the love handles! In the front view I see that the celulites is gone and the contour of your body is great! I do not like very much the fact that the inner thigh incisions can be seen but I am sure this is because of the way you have posed for the pictures (in your effort to let us see the incisions) ......I would also very much like to see some "artistic" fotos with you wearing a sweamsuit or underwears..Maria Helectra

  2. Concerning the hands, the way I see the incisions it seems that with your hands down, noone can notice them and this is wonderful. I love the fact that they are strategically placed in order not to be noticed easily. Of course, this hides a danger for the incisions to become wider because the area is extremely sensitive but I hope this does not happen to you. Thanks once again! Maria Helectra