Friday, February 19, 2010

Stitches are Out! Well, most of them. :)

So I sent Dr. S pictures of all my stitches yesterday.  There were a couple I was concerned about.  The ones in the groin area that go along my panty line at each upper thigh...there are still holes between stitches, and you can see through the holes to some white stuff, like tendon or muscle or something.  It's kinda gross.  Anyway, Dr. S said this was normal and that the stitches were still able to be taken out.  Was so odd!  Anyway, the second concern was the boobs, there is still some separation between the areola and the skin, and a little leaking.  It's not clear like the groin ones, it's actually kinda scabby still, etc.  Anyway, he said leave those in another week, but the rest could come out!

So, since we're going to Charlottesville to look at houses this weekend, Corrie had to come over last night and do it.  She got to the house around 7pm and concentrated the whole time and didn't take a break and was done at 11pm!  She took those stitches out like nobody's business.  She had to pick off scabs on some of them, and be in places she's never been so close to me at (groin stitches) but she was enjoying every minute!  Ok, that sounded funny...not that she was enjoying being in the groin area, but the fascination with this kind of stuff kept her going!  She has such a strong stomach that it didn't bother her one bit!  I am lucky to have a best friend like her!!

Ok, and as I said, Gregory and Tim and I are heading to Charlottesville tonight.  Have already contacted a realtor out there and she's sent us some houses, and she's going to make some appointments.  My credit union approved us for a lot more than we want to spend, so we've got that done too.  Maybe we'll be lucky and find something this weekend, wouldn't that be a hoot?!?!  We're also going to have dinner on Saturday with my new boss and his wife while we're there.  We had dinner with them last time we went down and had a great time!  The kids got along great, my parents loved them....and we loved them!  Tim was a little quiet when we first got there, but he opened up (as usual!) and we all had a good time!  I may be a little tired from the day, but I am sure we will have another fantastic time!

I decided to add a couple more pictures for your viewing pleasure....this is pre-op of my left arm all the skin within the black markings (from the top to bottom) is what he removed!
This is 3 week post-op of my left arm, after removal of the skin, but the stitches are still in.  It's swollen, but you can see a big difference!

Oh, I can't wait til the end of the swelling to see the final results.  They say it's a good total 6 months until you have your real final we still have a while to go!  Corrie and Alex (her bf) and Tim and I are planning on going to an all inclusive in October, and Corrie thinks I should wear a 2-piece bathing suit!  I don't think I even wore one as a child, but I am sure I did.  Didn't everyone?  Who knows!  I told her we would have to go shopping and I could try some on. :)

Wish us luck in Charlottesville this weekend, hopefully we will find something we fall in love with right away and not have to search for weekends at a time!  :)

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